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Jun 11, 2009
Hi Guys
Ive just been bought a vivo childrens aquarium kit for my birthday - im 33 LOL! I know SERIOUS fish keepers HATE these things but its a start. Im not using the faddy bits like space stations and haunted houses as i think its cruel for the fish... ive just used the BARE tank and turned it into a NORMAL FISH tank....

Trouble is VIVO dont exist anymore and i really want a light for it. The makers of VIVO (interpet ) do still exist so i was wondering if anyone know any similar lighting options that would fit a vivo tank. My dad is an electrician so could make something but i dont know what the bulb size should be or what the power output would be for it as the power unit powers 4 things!!!

Also would i be safe putting a heater in this tank (its VERY thick plastic)
My last tank was a plastic tank AND that actually came installed with a heater...

Any help would be great im fairly new to all this...

Welcome aboard Dave. First I`m not familar with that tank. Could yo give me some dimensions of that tank as far as height, width and length? Also how many gallons is the tank? What type fish will be in it? As I said welcome to AA.
Im not sure about the light, but I will say that the tank is probably made of acrylic, and that a heater will be fine for it. Just be sure that you get the appropriate wattage for the size tank that you have.
Hi Guys thank you both for replies...
The tank is ony a 25 gallon tank... its about 45cm wide by 25cm about 40cm high (the dimensions are a guess... but the gallons bit IS right as it says it on the box)

How would i calculate what heater i need. Im going to start off with guppies... they are pretty and easy to care for and ive had them before... would like a light though but its especially made for VIVO and plugs into the tank itself
Usually for a heater you would use 50 watts for every 10 gallons, but you're right in the middle with that size so you could go with a 100 watt or a 150 watt heater. I'd go with the 100 watt.
What in the world is that thing. How much is shipping from Mars? Wow that is cool lookin.

Ha Ha! You actually get 3 themes to choose from.. theres a space station as in picture... a haunted house and a pink mermaid castle. They were designed for kids in mind but i think they are cruel for the fish... Ive taken out all the faddy gadget and made it look like a normal aquarium... you know pebble plants etc...

It is all computerised and tells you when to feed fish clean and treat water.... i dont think you can go by that though as every tank is different.

It will do me for now... £40 for EVERYTHING is a bargain for the vivo set! (from pets at home). You get Tank, computer base, 3 theme furniture packs, food, filter, 2 boxes of filter pads, Bubble creating pump, tank vac , water treating chemicals...

You dont get the lights though which is what im looking for...

thanks guys for all your comments..
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