Vodka in tank????

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Think it might be time to calm the discussion guys. LOL

Everyone has their own opinions and experiences and I'm sure the OP appreciates the input about all the options. :)

Me, I do water changes, dose when needed and am currently using biopellets. I like to do a water change every 2 weeks on my bigger tanks and more frequently on the smaller ones.

I dont have any results from my biopellets yet but it was something I wanted to try. Always trying to improve my tanks and try new things. Just gotta be open minded is all.

Thanks guys!
I've been dosing vodka for over 6 months with no adverse effects so far. My nitrates have gone from over 100 to 0 in that time. I still do water changes every two weeks which I still think is a good idea. If you follow the dosing directions you shouldn't have any troubles, my opinion.
Im not saying vodka dosing doesnt work because it does work. However there is a good amount of risk associated with it. Not everything is know about the long term effects of cabon dosing or what product has what long term effect also its fairly easy to overdose vodka considering you cant test for it. Sure you can test for nitrate but you not testing for the product being introduced (the vodka) any that remains unconsumed builds up over time and the same amount at the next dose only further drives levels up. Over any considerable time this can cause problems. And for someone who doesnt grasp an knowledge of the chemistry of saltwater and how reefs work for example then risk of dosing carbon goes way up. If you know what your doing great but also know the consequences or what can happen.

The ocean is a very precise and demanding place. Changes occur extremely slowly and take long periods of time. Parameters remain constant and precise. Why anyone would think changing that would be good is beyond me.

I think carbon dosing has its place in aquariums however it is abused, overused, misunderstood, and treats an underlying problem that can be solved very easily against popular belief.
Prob with vodka round here. The tank would never get any of it, it would be drunk by my son and his friends. Poor fish would never get a dose. I am just doing the maintenance the old fashion way, water changes. Oh how happy that makes me. LOL. Anyway, the store said cut them back, but tank was running much better with about 15-20% change each week, so back to that. Yuck hate water changes. I need to get an RO/DI, and use another heater and I will be fine. I love the discussions, very informative. Wow you guys, wish I could just drain the knowledge right out of your brains. thanks again, Lynda
I only do a water change, once a week. I have been doing a wc about 20-25%. Got wrong info from pet store, they said, to hold off that many wc. Oh well now I know why for sure, to sell me more stuff. Thanks again,
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