Want to start a coral/reef system...where to start?

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Aug 14, 2004
I have a FOWLR right now and want to do a coral system in another tank. Where should I start? What should I read? Any help would be great.

I just got Eric Borneman's coral book and getting quite a bit out of it. Good reading. Julian Sprung also has good coral books (vol 1 and 2).
Both of those are great books. You can find links to them and a few others in the Book Library linked at the top of the page.

A reef system is very simular to your FOWLR as far as the basics. The things that are different would be the need for an intense lighting setup as well as a fair amount of water flow. We try to shoot for a minimum of 10 X per gal water flow.

What size tank are you looking at starting? With this info we can suggest you lighting setups. Do you have any idea what types of corals you wish to keep? This will also affect the lighting setup suggestions.
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