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Mar 5, 2011
Hello everyone! My name is Angela and my fiancee and I have already started a saltwater tank (but we are definitely still newbies). We went to a semi local fish store and let them guide us (which I am now realizing was a mistake because they didn't give us options- and we didn't know any better). Our setup right now is 75 gallon tank fish only tank. We have filter (marine land pro series bio wheel power filter emperor 400), a light (not sure of the brand.. it is a 120 v, 40w, 60 hertz, aquamarine 48 deluxe florescent aquarium reflector) and a heater. We are using crushed coral (another thing I wish we would have researched). We also have a large base rock and a peice of skeleton coral as decoration. In the future we plan on doing reefs too, but we're guided into doing fish only. Our tank recently completed the cycling process but we have not put any more fish in it yet. We are trying to figure out where to go from here. Someone mentioned a sump to me (we didn't realize these were options, our store never told us about them.. and yes we should have done our own research but at the time we didn't know any better). Is a sump a better choice then the filter we have for people who want to switch to a reef and fish tank in the future? If so.. suggestions? I don't know much about them so any info would be helpful. We do not want to build our own, I am not very handly and my fiancee works a lot, we would like to buy one that is already together. What else do you need for a fish and reef tank? I know we would need a protein skimmer, but what else would we need to purchase? Last questoin.. The store recently tested our water for us (we haven't got our tests yet) and they said our Ph was a little high, but not high enough to kill anything. They said we should add a buffer but another forum I am part of said not too. How should we handle ph that is a little too high without adding chemicals to the tank? Any advice for us would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Hi and welcome to the forum!
I am also in the learning curve on my new SW tank but a sump is ALWAYS a better option. That much I know. I didnt go with one because of the size constraints. and yes, a good protein skimmer is necessary. Lots of research on that. I got a cheapo one and still had to go out and spend almost $200 on a new setup.

Either way,welcome and just ask away. This forum rocks!
Oh almost forgot, for corals and the such you will most likely have to replace your lights. :-((((
Sorry, Austinsdad I meant to add that in. Another thing the store advised us to do (that we didn't know any better) was to cycle with damsels (after a a little while into cycling we realized what was actually going on and that is when we started doing our own research). So we cycled with damsels. We will not be keeping them, we plan on returning them to the fish store before we start buying our 'real' fish.
Just a suggestion, look at some other local fish stores in the area. I drive 2 hours sometimes each way to get good information and fish. A bad store could make your fish experience less than ideal.
Thank you Carey! We are actually going to visit a store someone recommended to us about 2 hours away next weekend:)
Thank you, austinsdad. We are getting our own tests kits. We ordered them online and have not recieved them yet.
The more you talk to these "experts" at these stores the easier it will be for you to call B.S. And really, if theres any questions you have just ask. Everyone loves to help.

Do you have a test kit? The LFS prob uses strips and recommended them too I bet... lol If you don't already have your test kits you'll def need them and you should get the ones with the little test tubes. Far more accurate than strips.

I learned all this the hard way.

Nice chatting with you. I get so bored sometimes and I just love my fish. :))
We are definitely getting the test tube kits! They just make more sense to me (haha)
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