Water test kit holder and organizer

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Jun 20, 2012
Sewell, NJ
I got tired of having a half dozen loose bottles of test reagants, test tubes, color cards, etc all laying around under the tank. I went into the garage and built up a small "Test Rack" that can hold 8-12 bottles of reagant, 6 tubes, the cards, a pen, and my test log sheets (so I can see if my parameters are changing over time).

Here's what it looks like, along with a CAD drawing I made after I finished the project.

The one in the photos is not finished or sealed, but since I use a dropper to add the water to the tubes, it doesn't get wet. It's also a rough job, but since it spends the majority of its life out of sight, I don't mind.

If anyone is interested, I can send the CAD file w/ measurements. I might even consider starting a side gig building these to order for folks that would like them. (Test kits, counter top, rice cooker, and water bill not included ;-) )


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Looks good! I have something similar. Works pretty well





Even my son likes it and it has a top!! lol. Seriously though... Good idea. Like a water testing caddy.
I like...I want one, how much would you sell? I will stain it myself...

Honestly, I'm not sure. The lumber really isn't all that expensive. It'd be shipping it that would be the problem (it's roughly 14x4x4). Let me look into it over the weekend.
If anyone is interested in one of these, I can start turning them out on weekends.
nice holder. I got tired of the clutter and broken test tubes too. I took a food storage container and some polystyrene and did something similar.
Great idea! BTW which CAD software did you use to model it?

I use Autodesk 123D.

Now that I'm starting a SW tank, I will be building another one of these, slightly modified, since it needs to be able to hold additional test kits/tubes. This one can hold 6 tubes, the new one will be able to hold 8.
Nice. I haven't regularly used Autocad products in...5-6 years. I'm exclusively on Solidworks now. In an attempt to bring this back to the topic I'm contemplating designing up a wooden hood that would allow me to mount multiple light tubes because the one that came with my kit is a seemingly flimsy injection molded plastic job with only one light. But I won't hijack your thread. I'll prolly start my own DIY hood thread at lunch. I give you kudos for modeling your rack up in "awfulcad" though:)
Very true. Solidworks runs about $5,000 per seat plus there's a hefty yearly maintenance fee.
If you make one that holds 6 test tubs on both ends I'd spring for 1 or 2 since I run tons of tests on all my tanks(y)

A total of 12 tubes? That shouldn't be too hard. I was actually thinking of moving the tubes to the middle and putting the reagent bottles on the outside when I do my 8 tube holder. I still need to make sure I have a spot for the color cards and my log book, though.

When I flesh out some ideas, I will post some of the renders here and will test the waters (no pun intended :) )
my log book is on the comp
I burn a zip drive when I go to pet store
as for color cards there mounted on the wall anyhow
I think I'm gonna design/make one of these myself. Here's the criteria as it stands of the one I'm going to build:

-(7)* Test solution bottles
-(4+?) 5ml Test tubes
-- Hole for tubes
-- Counterbored hole or dowel for caps
-(1) 10ml syringe
-- Hole for body
-- Hole for plunger
- (1) 5ml syringe
-- Hole for body
-- Hole for plunger
- (1-2) 1ml syringe
-- Hole for body
-- Hole for plunger
-Slot for cards/instructions
- Carry handle integrated into structure of caddie
- Latchable cover to make it harder for kids to get at
-- Carry handle mounted on cover
--- Risk of dropping everything if cover isn't latched
-- Pass through for handle mounted on caddie structure*
--- Ideal - No risk of dropping if cover not latched
- Stain/paint that is water/test chemical resistant*
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