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Apr 7, 2011
Oklahoma City
I've been thinking if my tank had enough waterflow and realized that I didn't quite understand what "waterflow" actually meant!

Does it mean how much gph all your equipment is moving or does it mean you have water movement everywhere?

I currently have a 36g bowfront with a HOB emperor 280 and penguin 200. This would give me 480 gph of water movement but is it enough "waterflow"? I feel that since both HOB are shooting water forward, maybe there isnt enough waterflow behind my LR.
It is very important to get flow all around the live rock, without it the live rock cannot filter as well. On my 45 reef I have a 400gph pump pointed behind the rockwork.
waterflow is more abotu the power heads then the filters, although the filters add some surface agitation
my LFS likes to place power heads low down so the water gets pushed through the LR if i had the room i'd prob do that but i have both mine pointing down to the rock and my power filters(emporer 280 and aqueon 30) agitate the surface
My pump for getting water behind the rockwork is mouted to the left wall, and sits against the back wall. It points toward the right end of the tank along the back wall, behind the rockwork.
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