Watts Per Gallon Old technology?

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Lately using the wpg to determine the amount of light in the tank has gotton some ill reviews to the more favorable lumen approach. However plugging numbers into equations to get lumens at depth is not fun for most. And untill recently lux meters were priced at unobtanium rates. Well found what could just be the thing for all the light gurus out there to drool over. Now we can know just how much light is getting to those lower reaches of the aquarium without contacting nasa to crunch the numbers. 8)

Here the linky for specs
http://www.thatpetplace.com/Products/KW//Class//T1/F55AD 0288 0033/Itemdy00.aspx

I thought this was kind of cool!
Yes, the WPG 'rule' is far from perfect, was really only for NO fluorescent bulbs, and only worked on tanks 20-90gallons.

for scientific types, I like your approach and ideas.

for the 'hobbyist' who wants a relaxing experience, we just throw 'enough' light at it, add CO2, and dose ferts when we remember :)
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