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Jan 5, 2007
Canton, MI
Ive never dealt with a wave system. From what I understand, its not actually waves but just pulsing water (pump on, pump off) right?

What equipment should I be looking at to make a 150 tank happy? I see theres lots of brands and controllers, but Im lost as to what combination of all of them I should use.
Not all wave makers operate on the on/off method.

For example the Tunze Wavebox 6212 & Wave2K use more natural in/out flows that closer simulate reefs.

Tunze Turbelle when using with a controller can slowly increase/decrease the flow also to more simulate a reef type wave.

The SCWD uses an outside pump to alternate flow. (See melevsreef.com closed loop)

I assume you have corals which is why your interested in a wave system but really any tank can benefit from oscillating currents.

marinedepot.com has a ton of different brands of wave makers on their site.

Main equipment I'd look at to make a 150 happy is a quality skimmer, quality lighting, and a 40+ gal fuge.
Im setting up a 150 coral tank, i have my sump/fuge, lighting and skimmer already.

I have heard confliction opinions on the SCWD... i hear they work great till the get clogged, that they really wernt designed to be taken apart and can be a real pain to clean out.

That Wave2k thing looks really cool! And $250 isnt too bad either (i think im looking at the right one?) but is just one unit all I'd need for a 150? According to their chart it seems to be...

Is a unit that actually pushes water better than one that acts like a pump? It looks like that tunze 6212 its just a big powerhead, what makes it worth so much money? $500 is a lot...
For a 150 gal a center Wave2K should be fine in addition to the flow from your sump and maybe 1 or 2 additional PH. The reviews for it have consistently been good.

The reviews on the Tunze 6212 have been pretty decent also but mainly its costly because its a Tunze product IMO.
I just watched the video for the wave2k... that thing is awesome! I asked a seller on ebay some questions about it... im concerned that it might not be able to move water enough on the oppisite side of the tank the unit is on, and also about the amount of force the water has near where it comes out and gets sucked in. But if those two things check out, im definetly getting it. Thank you :)
You have dual drilled overflows I assume on the 150. You don't have room for the Wave2K in the center?

Water force isn't an issue due to the wide stream of flow both top and bottom. Only complaint I've ever read is that if not properly adjusted it can get noisy but the one I've seen in action was whisper quiet.
I could put it in the center i suppose. Is that the best spot for it? I guess I just assumed on the end.
I was reading the reviews on the Wave2k and saw one that said they complained to the company about the noise and like immediately the company sent them some parts to fix it and after that it was silent. So I guess if there is a problem with noise it can be fixed easily.

Both those wavemakers look awesome, I'm gonna have to try one out sometime.
hmm the guy got back to me and said maybe I should have 2 for a 6 foot tank... even though their chart says 150 is 1 central unit. Ill probably start out with one and go from there. Really not in the mood to blow $500 to swish some water around lol =/
Probably would rather sell two versus one. My lfs has one center Wave2K (which they also sell for $350) on a 180 gal reef display tank in front of the store and have two regular 300 gph pumps on the side with a 55 gal custom sump pumping around 1200 gph. Flow in the tank is pretty impressive with corals gently flowing back and forth.
tecwzrd said:
Probably would rather sell two versus one.

haha good point.

I wish my lfs had one as an example, I'd love to see it in action. I decided to get one, and then I have 2 spare rio 1100s i can add for more movement.

I now have everything I need for my new tank, save the fish/coral/rock. Just gotta wait now!
I have never invested in a wave maker but am sure it is a much better process than the cheaper way I have done it. I own the kind of surge protectors that include a timer, I only have two settings...night and day and one or two power heads depending on the number in the tank go off at night which changes the water flow for that period of time.

Eventually I will purchase a wave maker.
I have to wait till the beginning of august to set it up, but ill definetly be starting a thread somewhere documenting the whole thing.
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