weaning from live food

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Apr 19, 2004
I just purchased a fuzzy dwarf lionfish for my tank on Friday. He has been feeding on ghost shrimp in the LFS. My question is how do you get them to take frozen krill or other dead food?? Will hunger make them, or is there a trick to it.

I put some krill on a skewer and waggled it in front of him. He just looked at me like I was stupid.

Would love to kep on ghost shrimp but can't aford to feed the tank $12 a week in shrimp. I tried feeding the ghost directly to the lion, but my porcy rushes any food deposited in the tank. So I just resort to putting 12-15 shrimp to feed all my fish at once.
When I forst got my antennata lion and frogfish I fed them ghost shrimp and rosie reds for a few days. I froze some of the rosies and shrimp and after feeding them one live I would wiggle one frozen in front of them. Eventually I didnt have to feed them live anymore. I got the lion on regular frozen shrimp after only a week or so, but still have to feed my frog silversides. He wont eat anything that doesnt have eyes.

Trick is to get them to make the association with the skewer or tongs with the food your feeding them. While you feed the live food put a skewer in the water by the fish so he gets used to it and associates it with food.
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