Wet/dry to refugium?

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Aug 16, 2011
South Bend, In.
Do anybody have any ideas to how I can setup this wet/dry to make it a refugium? Where can I place the skimmer? I'm open for any and all ideas. U can put pics of ur fuge so I can see if I can use any of you ideas. Thanks in advance :-D


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This is what my refugium looks like. I am also thinkingof ways to make a wetdry into a refugium but am coming up with half baked ideas. lol Theres just not alot of room in there. Maybe you could just get a 20L tank frompetco and make the sections yourself? Mine has 3 comaprtments. Ont he left intake and filter socks with my skimmer, then the refugium then the lat compartment has a baffle to prevent micro bubbles and holds just my return pump.

But heres how mine works anyways

Markaveli said:
I have a 20 long how do I go about making the sections

Wish I was home, I have the whole set up written on the tank. I'll post when I get back to the house.
Most people just silicone in the acrylic sections, I havent done it myself but plenty of people here have.
That proly wut I will do turn the 20g to a sump I can put my wet/dry on my 75g. I already have a cpr overflow box to put on the 20 g sump I'm gonna build:-\ hopefully. Is a 20g sump big enough for a 120g
If I plumb the sump from the side (where the pink pad is with a external pump hook the pump to the skimmer and then plumb it to the other side do u think that will work
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