What additions should I get?

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Nov 24, 2013
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I have a 125 gallon fowlr filtration is a protein skimmer in sump. Have a lionfish (centerpiece) yellow tang, foxface. Want to add to tank and want a fish that won't eat my snails and hermit crabs or get eaten by my ever hungry lionfish (I feed him off chopsticks) advice welcome.
I wouldn't mind an eel but don't want one that gets to big. Which type do you have in mind?
Yeah the big problem with eels is they escape. I have a top on the tank but it is not designed to stop Houdini. Haha
I would add some kind of Angel. Any of the dwarfs would work. I would not go Pygmy or Flameback. (too small). Even some that they consider "Large" would work in a 125 (Singapore, Flagfin, Lamarks, Bellus, etc). The truly Large ones (Emperator, Blue Face , Queen, Annularis, etc) need a bigger tank.
Singapore looks good. Wondering in general how small a fish can survive a 12-15" full grown lionfish
I had a Singapore briefly that came with my 240g. It did fine, ate like a pig and then got a gash on its side a died (no idea how). They can be tricky to get eating, so make sure you see it eat at the LFS before buying. It was in a. 45g holding tank with a Volitan Lion that was 6-7" and they were fine together. Lions will eat whatever will fit in their mouth. This Angel was at least 2x larger than the Lion 'a mouth.
Nice! Seems like a good fit. I like the Pakistan butterfly mostly because it is not yellow. I don't need more yellow in the tank. Only downside I see is they require several feedings a day. Anyone own one and can verify feeding habits?
I'd kinda stay away from butterflys, they are a hard to keep species. I have only had one success out of 4 that I have had. Thery are extremely picky eaters and are delicate as well.
Added two Squirelfish. They are all playing nice in the sandbox.

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Def. Fed them freeze dried shrimp and they ate it up. I read this caution and it happened. One of them got trapped in my net transferring them in. That was a touchy situation. Hope to never have to do that with them again.

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