What are the best light for anemones

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Mar 17, 2012
I have a 20 gal saltwater with a clownfish and a sergeant major damsel (I'm going to be getting rid if him when I go and get another clownfish) and 20 pounds of live rock. I really want to put in a rose tip anemone and a green bubble tip anemone but I don't know what types of lights to use. I heard leds r the way to go or just get like 4 t5s
My wife has successfully kept a carpet anemone happy and maybe a little over lighted. For a month now on 2 [65w] pc lights on a 10g. On 12hrs daily.. I say over lighted Because he only eats once every week or two.. And doesn't fully exspand, guessing he doesnt need to.. His colors are vibrant..

I suggest the led's.. Simply because of bulb replacement costs.. I just diy a 40 (3w) duel dimmable led kit for my 54g corner bow for under $250 with moon lights. And dont exspect to spend a cent more on lights for at least 4years..

Email ray, he will customize your order and work with you. Great guy, be patient tho he is busy,busy..
Yeah but after much research there is still an unoffical report. My understanding is to get them all ready hosting, both clowns and anemone from lfs when there young. And that should be yoir best bet.. I've made this mistake twice now.. I always buy the fish first then the anemone and I have both false and true both failed to host in 6months.. But I think wild verses captive plays a hugh part on both anemone and clown...

If to do it again I would just pay the $100 + to get them at once with allready hosting.
Well at my other lfs there was a golden striped maroon clown there and it was hosting a rose tip and it was 80
You want the clowns to be the same species* and hosting together already.. Trying to find the same species* later will prove to be harder than most think.

I look for at least 2-3 clowns all hosting anemone. And buy all 3 and see who becomes the female.. And trade in the odd man out.

jfyi. Baby clowns are all males and can sex change.

And tech. The anemone hosts the clowns. Not the other way around.. Clowns can just as easily become food for the anemone "if it wants"
Ya I have to do it slowly as money is tight and I gotta wait about a month to get the proper lighting for an anemone and I really need to know what kind to get. And can u mix a clown fudge and a normal together cause they were in the same tank in the beginning.
Idk much about mixing clowns but my guess is just like dogs i'm sure you can but without knowing exactly what your doing . Leave it to the experts to play god.
Ya but they were in the same tank in the store and they seemed fine
I have a 8-9" RBTA that stays in one spot, directly under a 400W MH. I only run them about 4 hrs a day. The rest of the time I run the T5s. Hosting is a lg maroon. I have a wild black and wild tru perc that host my torch. I have a tank raise tru perc that is not interested in hosting anything. Here's a pic.
That's nice I just need enough light for a 20 gal with some anemones like mabey a rose rip
See that's the problem I'm only 16 and I don't have a credit or debit card and my parent don't like it cause they think that u get played.
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That's really cool, I might get that but then I would have to work for that. But its still a little expensive
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