What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

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Jun 21, 2011
I continued treatment for internal parasites for my fahaka. This is the 3rd day of the 7 day treatment plan. Hopefully this last time will get rid of the worms.
added my 5 laos pygmy multi-striped loaches to my tank =) shy little dudes.. but so darn cute!!!

hope your fahaka gets better soon~
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50% water change. Took out my Rotala Indica and trimmed off the flowers and any yucky looking parts and then put it back in.
25% pwc on both my tanks. Rinsed out filters in the old tank water. Petted my discus and parrots (they eat from my hands and like the luvin) watched both tanks for over an hour each.
Water change all three of my tanks and added a betta into my 20l, he is now living with real companions for the first time since i have had him for like 2 months
Freaked out and cussed when the peacock eel mistook my finger for a bloodworm...
added more plants, half a dozen cardinal tetras, and switched my filter media from activated carbon to peat granules.
50% water change for my 120g. Will do 50% water change for my 20g pretty soon.
Today I did a 75% water change. My ammo was 0 but trites were 1ppm. (5gallon tank). Then I messed with the plants some more. They are starting to grow roots. Yay! I've been watching king Neptune (betta) swim around. He likes his new bigger home. Quite an upgrade from a 1/2 gallon bowl. :)
Did another 25% pwc on my 65 gal and added 5 glow light tetras, 5 cardinals and 5 harlequin rasboras to my 80 gal.
Did a 75% WC on the 125. Moved some Wonga Creek Trifasciata to the display tanks, cleaned 2 canister filters. Then I took a nap:lol:
50% pwc yesterday and added flourish today. Also checked on the ick situation to see how it going.
50% water changes on all five. New lid, changed the lighting and added an anubias to the 20g. Added six hatchets to my 55g and spent 3hrs watching one of my Julii's lay eggs. Bummer that the tank-mates were grabbing them faster than she could lay them, but was still an incredible thing to watch! Good day!
Did PWC on my four tanks in my room, switched fry from 15 gal to 5 gal, tried to take pics of my guppies failed I guess they where not photogentic today, grabbed another butterfly koi at the lfs, took some pics of my ram and platies, set up a small cave for the koi, and stared at my Assasin snail slowly grab a flake to munch on.
Busy day! Tomorrow the other two tanks. Most likely to spending 30mins trying to find my 4 ghost shrimp so that they don't get sucked out of the tank when doing a pwc.
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