What exactly is an Atlantic Anenome?

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Oct 1, 2004
St. Augustine/Jacksonville, Florida
Today while browsing the LFS my husband saw a tank full of smaller Anenomes... most white, a few purple/lavender. 2x2 in size. That is all they were labeled... they said the are easy care and stay small.

Just curious are these hardy and reef safe?... haven't seen them before I don't think. We have considered getting one in 6 months or so but our tank is smaller and new... 29g 4.5 wpg so I don't one that will consume the tank, if we even get one.

Look anything like this:


or this:


They are the only ones that immediately come to mind. If so they are fairly common and pretty hardy under the right lighting. Do not get one with hopes that a clown may host as I have never heard of it happening. Do not pay too much if these are it. I usually find them $6-10. Maybe $12 for a larger one.

As for a reef I would avoid most anenome as they can roam and cause issues. I have three rock flowers in my setup, but I had them before the coral and they have stayed put even when I added the coral.

Proceed with caustion if you are planning on a reef tank.

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