Where do you get Compact Flourescent screw in bulbs??

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Feb 18, 2006
Are they thin enough to fit the bulb guard for my tank? (5g bow -only came with incandescent)
so far the only thing I can find are big and for reading lamps and such. Maybe I'm not calling it the right thing?
Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance.
Not sure about a bowfront, but look for the All glass 10w screw in PC bulbs. these are about as small as you can get.
Wal-Mart may have them, Lowe's, Home Depot, any place that sells light fixtures. My lfs has them, but for a higher price than the other stores.
The screw in florcents have a very fat ballst at their base that may or may not work for your fixture.

I got a decent floor lamp from wal-mart and got a florcent bulb to fit but when I got home I found out the large ballast base was to big to screw into the floor lamp so I had to end up using a regular bulb instead.
Thanks everyone. My 5g bow can take a 25w bulb. I'll check my clearance space to see if the bulb base will fit. Thanks again.
The hood should be rated for different wattage depending on whether you use CF or incandescent bulbs. I got a screw in CF at Wal Mart and it works great for my 5 gallon corner tank. It's only 10 watts so it should be fine for yours.
Thanks Everyone. I went to Big Lots but all they have were way to big in the base and watts...
severum mama sent me a link to show me what it looked like - thanks. We stopped at Walmart today and there is was, right by the filters, $4.84 10watt full spectrum mini aquarium bulb.

Oh man, it is like night and day... It looks so bright and clear in there now, not yellowish at all! Here is hoping that it doesn't bother the fish the other light did. My 3 3/4 yr old seems to like it too. When I turned it off, he ran over and turned it back on.
Thanks again!
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