Where to buy a 48" x 18" glass canopy?

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Nov 17, 2006
Central NJ
I got a 90 gallon tank without center brace. It is used as a reptile tank by previous user. But I want to use for fish and I need a one piece of 48" x 18" glass canopy (glass top), I can't use 2 pieces of 23.5 " x 18" as it dones't have cetner brace to support the glass tops. Anyone know where I can find a 48" x 18" (acutal size should around 46.5" x 17") glass canopy?

If can't find it, then where can I find a center brace to put on the middle of the tank to support the 2 piceces of the 23.5" x 18"?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
You won't find a long glass canopy like that .... for one, it would be too unwieldy & too easy to break.

You can build one yourself if you want. You can buy the plastic hinge, and have a glass shop cut 1/8" glass pieces to size. You just slide the glass pieces into the hinge & you have your canopy.

An Eg of a place that sells 48" hinge:
aquarium, fish tank, door, replacement hinge, clear and black.

A 48" glass top is too unwieldy, IMO. You might be better off making a center brace. You just get the glass shop to cut you a piece of 1/4" glass 2-3" wide & exactly the distance of your aquarium depth (front to back) minus 1/16". You silicone this piece at the center of your tank. <You might have to silicone a plastic shim at the center of this brace to bring it up to the level of your existing rim.> This is called a "Euro-brace" and is the standard way to make the center brace (and rim braces) in a DIY tank.
thanks, jsoong. Yes, your idea is what I am going to do.
Use a 17" X 3" X 3/8" glass as a center brace. Then find a platic shim to put on top of it. After silicone them, I hope they will be strong enough to support not only glass tops but also to support the water pressure on the front and back panels.

Then, buy two stand glass tops.
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