Where to buy sand cheaply?

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Jan 3, 2009
Charlton, MA
Ok well I need to get a lot of sand to cover the 90 Gallon tank my uncle is giving me. Wheres the cheapest place you guys have found? Or should i just Reuse old sand and fill the tank up carefully.
IMO I would not use old sand. Even while rinsing it out it is still quite dirty. I know of some that do reuse it but I dont.
you can reuse your old sand. I clean it by putting some in a 10 gal bucket, stir it up lots so most of the mulm is suspended in water, then pour out the water. You would lose a bit of sand, but it gets rid of a lot of the stuff.

The best place to get sand & gravel in my area is a landscape supply place. I can get a 2 cu. foot bucket for $2. <They have 1/2 a dozen types: play sand, coarse sand (=PFS) ... etc.> They also have an extensive pond supply section where I can get fish safe rocks, plants & ferts.
you can use sand blasting sand also, you have the right idea though "aquarium" sand is too expensive.. you can even hit up a home depot or any builder store and buy sand there, just make sure you rinse it out real good
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