Which Light Retro Kit?

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Aug 9, 2006
I decided to get a retofit kit for my AGA pine canopy for a 75 gallon. However, I'm not sure which kit to get. I'm not sure what is the difference between these 2:

48" 4x54W SLR T5 High-Output Retrofit Kit w/ Bulbs


48" 4x54W SLR T5 Very High-Output Retrofit Kit w/ Bulbs


Or should I buy 2 of these:

48 inch - 2 x 54W T5 Sunlight Supply Tek Retro System


I plan on keeping some of the easier corals and don't think I'll be doing any of the hard to keep one anytime soon.
Not really, I thought the T5's where better the PC's, but not as good as the MH's.
I don't know much at all about overdriven ballasts and such, but I think your best option is the second link. T5 is definitley much more efficient than PC bulbs, cheaper, cooler, and look better in my opinion. However, to save money and if you aren't interested in sps corals, I see no reason why the regular HO T5 wouldn't do just fine for you. If money is an issue...
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