Which test kit is better?

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Sep 8, 2004
I have a gift card for Petsmart worth $50 that I need to use. I already have a Red Sea Marine Master Test Kit, which Petsmart sells for $40. They also have Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Marine Test Kits, which are $20. Has anyone here tried these test kits? Which one would you guys recommend.

I have the AP test kits, and I like them (pH, ammonia, GH, KH, Nitrate, Nitrite). They seem to be ok. I don't have experience with other test kits, but I don't have problems with the ones I have.

I also use the AP tests as I find them easier, except for the nitrate which involves a lot of shaking. I've compared them to other brands and they seem accurate.
I've heard too many bad things about Red Sea kits being inaccurate. Plus their alkalinity test is only low, med, high...doesn't give you a ppm or meg/l type of reading, which IMO is an important reading.
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