Why are my fish missing the food?

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Oct 22, 2011
My blue spotted toby and my cinnamon clown completely miss the food when they try to eat it. This is a recent thing, because before they both used to jump at the food and eat as much as they could. Now they miss it 9 out of 10 times they try to eat it. Why??? They appear otherwise healthy and other than than the food thing they haven't changed at all..
i don't have a recent reading, except for salinity is 1.024. ammonia is acceptable. my other tests have expired (i was using test strips, which i know now aren't very accurate)
It may be high nitrates. I heard when they are high it may cause fish to go blind. =\
I was wondering if they were blind, but I don't think so. They respond when you move your hand outside of the tank.
My bird wrasse did that for a couple days then started eating again. Just make sure water quality is good and that's all you can do I guess. Gl
Bryceguam said:
But it doesn't explain why they are totally missing the food.

Yes it does.

If there is ammonia in the tank they will have been poisoned.

If I poisoned you, do you think you would have the co-ordination to eat?
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