Why do my fish hate me?

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I think I figured something out here: over the past couple of weeks I wasn't really around much due to a family emergency. I would literally stop by once a day just to feed them and they wouldn't see any people at all the rest of the day. I got back last night and they didn't hate me! Maybe it's because they knew if they saw me that they would be getting fed? I wonder how long this will last.
I've made a breakthrough that may lead to some interesting conclusions about fish psychology. (I'm being serious)

During the time when my fish hated me, I was living with my girlfriend at the time. Certain fish would change color when they were angry, or act differently, and gradually I noticed this behavior more and more often until it was that way every time I saw them. This applies to fish in both my freshwater and saltwater tanks.

Well I recently found out she was cheating on me and I left her and moved myself and my fish into my house. It's just me and the fish living here and I've noticed that they don't hate me anymore! The color is back to normal, the behavior is a lot better across the board, but more noticeably in the freshwater tank. The freshwater tank happens to be the one that used to be next to her desk, where she (supposedly) spent a lot of time studying.

My conclusion: she must have been brainwashing the fish, trying to convince them (successfully) to hate me. Now that they're free from her corrupt influences, they don't hate me anymore.
Now that she is gone, you can post her pics so we can see how she manipulated your fish.

I recommend that the next time you have a girl over you wrap your tanks in aluminum foil to keep out the evil. Don't forget, shiny side out or the voices will get too loud.
Brilliant. I'm away from home so I'll just link to a facebook picture for right now until I can do better. I think I have it set so anyone can see it, as long as you have a facebook account.

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