Will Mushies Survive???

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Jun 15, 2004
Indianapolis IN
Hello All,

I'm about to upgrade the lighting on my 75 gallon reef from 260 PC to 250x2 MH. My question is will my mushroom and ricordia corals have any trouble with this light increase???

Jon Solo
My rics loved intense lighting, the others should be fine too if they are near the bottom of the tank or in a shaded area.
We kept ours near the bottom for the first couple of weeks then slowly moved them upwards. They are bigger and healthier than ever and are even multiplying and moving to other locations(shrooms).
You will need to acclimate your current corals with the new light. I did the reduced photo period methid listed in the articles section for mine. My ricordia love it. My shrooms, not so much. I have them somewhat shaded now and they are doing better.

BTW, I did basically the same thing. I went from a 4x55 PC to a 2x250 MH setup. Keep in mind the heat issues. I have 2 fans in my canopy and temps are almost hitting 84 during the day. I have kept it down by adding a fan on the sump but that really increase my evaporation. :(
For MH lighting you should add 3-4 pcs. of nylon screen to the light fixture for a few days. Remove 1 layer of screen every week.
That is what I read too but I was told the other way would work and it did for me. I just finished acclimating this week. My MH are on for 11 hours. Not sure if this is too long but it was the schedule I had for my PC lights. T5's come on at 10AM and the MH come on at 11AM. MH go off at 10 PM and T5's go off at 11PM.

I did not lose or burn any corals and I had shrooms, leathers, zoos, and LPS's.
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