Will my floor support my 110g SW FOWLR tank??

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Mar 28, 2009
I will be living on the second floor and have a 110g SW FOWLR tank with a 30g sump..will my floor support it? Here are the building specs of my condo construction...

R-19 Ceiling Insulation
R-11 Insulated Frame Walls
R-4 Insulated Concrete Walls
Professionally Engineered Roof Trusses with Hurricane Clips for Wind Protection
Solid Concrete Construction, per plan, per unit

Please let me know what you think?
Outside walls are generally load bearing (carries the weight of the roof or the floor above). Inside walls generally carry no weight. As always there exceptions to the rule. It's always a good idea to locate a large aquarium on a outside wall with no window (too much light can cause algae). If your house is well built you should have no problems.
Oh ok then yes its and outside wall. It is right as you walk in the door to the condo. It will be up against a wall that you see from the outside right before you walk in the condo. So that would be an outside wall right? The condos were built in the later part of 2005 and are very quiet and the floors are not loud when you walk on them. IF that helps
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