will this light work with my aquarium

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Jun 15, 2008
Okay, I couldn't pass this up because the guy gave it to me for $125 and he showed me a receipt in which he bought it 6months ago for $515.

Basically I just started a 120g tank.....it is 72in long. This is the light I just bought:

Current USA Outer Orbit HQI + Powercompact + Lunar Light Fixture

I have it set up in the middle of the tank (since of course it won't cover the whole thing).

My question is --- can I actually use this or do I just need to sell it? I was originally going with a FOWLR but now that I have this light I was hoping to do some "light and easy" coral / invert's with the Fish (with fish being the main focus).

I know the light (MH) part is in the middle of the tank so I was stacking the LR (100lbs) in the middle portion of the tank and was thinking this is where I would put the corals.

whatcha think?
Thanks.... it's sitting about 10in above the water line. The tank is 19in in depth.

would be great if this would serve the purpose of fish and light coral
you might just have to keep the corals more in the middle of the tank under the lights but that only means 1 ft in from either side and 4 ft of area to put corals.
i dont really have any experience to this so hopefully one of the masters will chime in soon.
I think that will work fine to have some corals near the center of the tank. What fish are you planning to keep? It will be important to make sure that they aren't coral nippers or eaters. Great deal either way!
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