Would these lights be good for a 150g reef?

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Aug 2, 2011
Princeton, NJ
I want to keep all types of corals, and I was wondering if this light would support all corals and even nems. Would it? The tank is 28" deep.
Yes it will. that is a very good fixture. Only down side is some times the ballast go out in them
This is what we had on our 150g and had to switch to a different light. It just didn't go deep enough, as soon as we switched everything took off with growth.
It all depends on how many you get and the dimensions of the tank. Try looking at the 12 bulb one for some reason I thought it was 12 Instead of 6
I have the nova extreme pro 12 bulb light and have no issues or problems with it as of yet. I only have a 125g tank though, not as deep as yours but I think it would work fine.
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