Would this work to make a waterfall

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Jul 28, 2022
I'm trying to make a waterfall without buying a water pump so I was thinking of using an extra air pump, I was thinking of splicing the tubing together and have one end in the water but I don't know if there's be enough suction


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This technical part isn't my knowledge ability, but I do know you'd need the check valve before the water tube connection. I think the air would just come out the tube where you want the water to come in. Air is lighter than the water and easier to push, so you'd probably need a powerful air pump.

If you don't mind me asking, what are you building the waterfall for? vivarium, paludarium, ??? So curious :)
My step daughter is potty training so if she does really well with it I told her I'd get her a turtle so I made some scenery for the tank I got and thought a waterfall would be neat
True, a waterfall would be nice.

What size is the tank? Is it a red eared slider?

A small water pump on amazon would be appx. under $7.00 to $13.

You could make an additional DIY filter for the tank while using that small pump instead of air tubing for a soda bottle filter you could use a pump and pump water to make an additional filter.

Since turtles are pretty messy eaters, an additional filter would be a useful dual function tool, waterfall and filtration, as it gets bigger.
I only have a 20 long for the time being but for a baby turtle that should be just fine till it gets bigger. But after reading you're reply I never even thought about a filter, so what I might do is get one of them inside hanging filters and build my waterfall around that then I won't need to worry about a pump too
Check out the link in my signature, in this post below the snail pic and "Welcome" for a really useful bunch of information on how to have a cycled tank / aquarium, which is critical for fish or turtles. The nitrification cycle, is what builds a colony of beneficial bacteria which processes the build up of ammonia, which results from the leftover food and fish or turtle waste changing to it's decomposing process.

Think food fish or shrimp being old and smelling like acrid ammonia, then rot.

The ammonia, nitrite and nitrate (which there are tests for in the fish section) will be in unsafe amounts if there are no, or not enough BB/ beneficial bacteria to break them down safely.

That can cause blindness and ammonia burns / open wounds, infections (illness, including death) in turtles, or fish.

Water quality is one of the most important things to know about, and not having good / safe water quality is one of the things which causes so much death, diseases and problems, leading to (especially new) hobbyists stopping the hobby.

Personally, I want you and your step daughter (and family) to have a really awesome aquatic animal keeping experience and love your hobby.

A liquid test kit is very helpful. Test strips are often unreliable for knowing accurately what the water conditions are for a tank of water and whether it is safe for your inhabitants.

Once I lost nearly a whole tank of fish because of a test strip not reading one of the parameters accurately, saying it was normal when in fact the tank over night killed a bunch of fish. I had even compared the test strips a couple weeks before with the liquid test kit which tested perfectly, and matched the liquid test results. So I trusted them as accurate.

Checking also if the turtle is getting correct type of lighting. They need special light spectrum.
Well thank you for all the helpful information, once I get my new tank for the fish is when I'm gonna switch everything over for the turtle, I just started germinating seed for the new fish tank
Alrighty I'll do that it's nice to have people to ask questions to
It depends on your air pump's power, when your air pump is power enough, the suction is enough. I've used the waterfall filter to make a surface aerated for the fish tank, and installed the air pump with a big air stone on the bottom.
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