Xenia Pumping Corals aka Pulsing Coral and hermits?

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Apr 27, 2004
College Station, Texas
I just got a Xenia Pumping Corals aka Pulsing Corals. I didn't even think about what my hermits might do.

Do I need to remove my hermit crabs or snails, will they harm my Xenia?
All of my hermits and snails get along just fine with xenia's. I have blue leg, red leg and zebra hermits and a mixture of different snails which include mexican turbo, margarita turbo, and bumble bee. I frag my xenia's on a regular basis, so you should have no problems with them.
I have a ton of xenia tht has spread out very nicely in my tank. I also have about 30 reef hermits that do not bother them at all. Frankie say Relax...enjoy the xenia they are really cool. Lando
Just make sure they have enough light and current. They will pulse when they are grabing food form the water. What are you using to feed them?
They are very close to the current. They have lots of movement. I am feeding with Kent Marine "Coral-Vite" from LFS. Ooops...I just noticed this isn't food but a supplement. Ok...now what do I feed them?
They will pulse when they are grabing food form the water. What are you using to feed them?

It is believed that Xenia is incapable of feeding, and that it pulses to center the light at the center of the colony. There are many different theories to its pulsing, but I can assure you they do not eat. They get all there food from the light. It should pulse if it's happy. They say they either grow like weeds, or they just die. My frag was pulsing 30 mins after adding it, and it wasn't even attached.
If thats just regual normal output, then that xenia is going to die. Not enough light.
Id say 3-5 watts/gallon of PC, VHO, or MH. Xenia like strong light, and just your regular normal output light is not gonna do anything. Please return it and get your money back before it dies.
mine wouldnt pulse under pc that well but grew great !! as soon as they were under mh they started to pulse again!! also have read that xenias will grow faster in a tank with little or no skimming !! i skimmed 24/7 and they grew from 2 small frags i got from reefrunner to about 15 nice size pieces !! untill this weekend when the air died and tank overheated lost them all :-(
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