yes another lighting question...

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Jan 1, 2004
like many others here, Im building a reef tank. I dont care to go hardcore like a lot of the people here, but would like it to be a reef nonetheless. I have a 100 gallon with an Ice Cap 660 (potentially 440 watts). What can I keep as far as corals and such? Its 4 ft long so not very deep. I would like shrooms and easy to moderate corals.
something like yellow polyps should be doable. However a 4ft long, 100gallon tank has to be at least the standard 20" tall tank...and it must be 2ft front to back?

i purposely went with a breeder tank..only 16" deep, to get more intensity from my PC lighting, as I didn't want to dabble in MH for my first SW setup.
Yes, at 48" long, and the standard 20" height, it would take 24" depth to give you 99 gallons. I'd say that there is a better chance that your tank is only 18" wide, which woud mean that it would be 26" tall to give you 97 gallons. This is not a short tank, and the lighting will be more difficult because of it.

You should meausure this tank and give the exact measurements so that the peeps that live here can help you out better, because I don't know about the lighting, just the tank size :D :D :D

HTH, Joshua...
I will measure it again but last time I did, it came out to be 100. Will do this tonight and get back...
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