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Aug 29, 2006
Hey everyone my name is Jona, I am a college student in Laredo, TX. I just recently was brought under the water a month ago. I have been really good about following all the directions and recommendations. So far I think I am doing ok. I may have made a bad call on my first fish, he was all alone in a aquarium with a bunch of dead fish(like 12-15)he was an angel fish named aracis, he is no longer with us unfortunately, I am really not sure what happened with him. He seemed to be pretty active, once I got him home(but not at wal-mart). He had friends with him in the tank and since then I have added 3 more fish, and so far no prob. with anyone yet.

I guess I got the bug pretty good, cause I went out almost less then 3 wks later and bought a 20 gallon show tank[:)I couldn’t help it it was really cheap:)].I have been slowly getting everything and I am almost ready to start filling it. I am all excited its been a while since I have found something this enticing to keep up with

I started with a small 5gallon hex tank. My first fish were 2 Guppies, an Angel fish (small), and a Pelco. When Aracis died I bought my first Blue Gourami, and a Loach Dojo. I then did the stupid thing and kinda crowded my tank. I was at some little shop we have here in town and fell in love with this little power house of fish, so I added another little Blue Gourami, the first day was cool, everybody was fine. But the next day I noticed that everybody in the tank was a bit on edge when I would walk in and out of the area I have the tank in. They have calmed down quite a bit since but it forced me to move a bit quicker on the completion of the new tank.

My current tank.....

Aracis R.I.P. 8/21/06

the gups (Cloey and Zoey)

Larger Blue Gourami(Kodex)

Smaller Blue Gourami(Rukus)

Loach Dojo(loach dog)

Pelco(minx)he hides hard to get a good shot

I am also starting to put together my 20 gallon right now. I just bought a Aqua tech 20-40 gallon filter, and some other things, I am curious about my center peice I have had it a long time, and never really had anywhere to put it. I gave it the vinegar test and nothing happened to it. I have another store bought porcelain piece I got from pet co. and they look kinda the same. The monkeys have a thinner coat of paint I think, any one think I shouldn’t use it?



I have also hand chosen the rocks myself for about 4-5 dayz now, i am not threw but I am using 2 different stones I have grown fond of the past couple of months, I clean them with water and a brush then let them soak a night and clean them again with the brush a bit. Does any one think that I should not use these rocks, I looked around and found that a lot of people say to test using vinegar, any other suggestions?

Front of the tank rock....

Back of the tank.....

Well wish me luck, and any feedback is good feedback, hope to hear from u all, and WISH ME LUCK

I'm not a "freshie", so I might not be much of a help. But, it sounds like your critters may have died, due to them living through the new tank's cycle. Plus, I just wanted to say welcome!

thats is also something that i had just found out, the guy at the store told me if i used distilled water that i could just start after like a day, thanx though......
Welcome to AA!

Since you asked for opinions....

The amount of misinformation out there is mind boggling and the nitrogen cycle is the most common. That is then followed by stocking somewhat incompatible fish. There is a nice article on the nitrogen cycle in the articles section at the top of the page. IME, gourami's and angels don't make the best choices for compatibility and I'm sure some have been successful with it.

In regard to the porcelain monkeys, I would not use them. There is a great chance of the paint chipping and/or peeling. The rocks look fine to me.

cool well then they have been retired and i found some ting good to replace it i think.... thanx again guys..... ill keep u posted when i get it full.....
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