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Nov 22, 2008
Rochester, NY
After researching and looking online I have trimmed done my decision to lighting. Which system do you think is the best? Keep in mind I'm looking for the 72" fixtures. If you don't like any of the choices please feel free to make any recommendations


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Aquarium Lighting for Reef Aquariums: Outer Orbit Pro Series HQI/T-5/LED Lights

Aquatic Life HID Lighting System - 3-150W HID, 4-T5 HO and 6 Lunar - 72 in. | Metal Halide Lighting | Lighting Systems | Aquarium -
I want to have the proper lighting so I can keep more corals. Right now due to the intensity of my lights I have to keep most of my corals high up in the tank. With a better lighting system I should be able to have more placement options, ability to keep corals with high lighting needs, also, down the rode a possible anemone addition once my tank is more established.
To keep higher light corals in a 300g tank, you're going to need a lot of light. I wouldn't even consider less then 250W MHs over that size of a tank, and possibly even 400W ones.
With a tank as deep as yours I would suggest going with 400w MHs. If you go less then that you will need to get some very good reflectors to project the light. This can be accomplished with the use of Lumenbright reflectors but expect to pay $100 each at the minimum for them.

Large tanks like yours require lots of light to maintain SPS corals. You will probably need to increase your flow as well. That's a lot of water volume to get moving.

The tank looks very nice though!
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