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Nov 4, 2004
Recently I bought a Golden head sleeper goby that died yesterday. It seems like a bruise on one side just behind its stomach. Well, I do not have an interest in purchasing anymore fish for a while. School started so I am concentrating at that. I am wondering if I could leave my tank be for like 5 months (ie no water change), just with top off and clean the skimmer and refilling some salt back in.

My tank spec:
46gal bf
2 powerhead
aquac remora
aqua clear 300 fuge-chaetomorphea
~44 lbs of live rock
the fuge is lighted by 20w pc
the main has 250w 20k mh

like 1/4 of a mysis cube every other day.

I have 2 small clowns in there, with a cleaner shrimp, 2 crabs, few snails.

I only have a ricordia frag in there.

Last time I checked

ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate ~5ppm
alk 10 dhk calcium 550
phosphate 0.1
ph 8.2


Yeah I thought the bioload is low and with all the filtration I have. Anyone else wanna comment on it?
Probably just be careful of ammonia spikes and keep the water flowing and you'll be okay. But I'm really not that certain. Still, whether I've aggressively maintained or not, I've still had minor losses in fresh and salt water now.
I think you'll be fine. If I were you, I might put some scarlets in there to keep the bio activity going and keep the debris on the rock stirred up.
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