Zero GH affecting cycle?

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Aug 12, 2019
I have had my tank way longer than my girlfriend, heck, twice as long and I STILL get ammonia (slight, 0.25-0.5) readings, with zero nitrites and nitrates. All my water perimeters are good except how my GH is 0. Do bacteria need some GH to grow? And if so, how to I rise the GH?
Hello Jar...

If you're planning to keep fish from the local pet store, you don't need to worry about the water chemistry. Just follow a sound water changing routine. No water testing is needed. I just set up a new tank and put in the heater, sponge filter, gravel and some floating plants and let everything run for a few days. I added the fish I wanted and just fed them a little every day or two and removed and replaced one-third of the tank water every three days for a couple of weeks. Then, I added just a few more fish and started changing out half the water weekly. The tank's been running since the summer and the fish are doing great. I have some cool water tropicals and some Comets in the tank and everything is thriving in the pure water conditions.

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