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Apr 27, 2012
So my tank is finally ready for some corals after I lost everything during the week long power outage that came with Sandy. In the past I had mushrooms of several colors, zoas, and a Duncans and a few others. The first coral I put in the week is a nice size piece of rock with fire and ice zoa colony. Zoas are really my favorites. Has anyone ever done a strictly zoa reef tank? I was thinking I would add a few different species so and just let them take over. My tank is 55gal. Any ideas how many species I can fit? Obviously this would be over a long period of time. Sine I added a piece this week I'm not going to buy another for a while. I still have fish to add anyway lol
I`ve never had just a zoa tank but it should prove interesting. Good luck on your venture.
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