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Old 09-21-2006, 06:56 PM   #1
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Help White Spot In New Tank

I am quite new to what they call here in Britain Tropical Tanks, or in the USA, Heated freshwater tanks......My tank has been on the go for 3 weeks in total, and today I finally got to add other fish, outside of my starter zebra Danios.I was quite shocked to come home and see that the Male Beta they sold me today has White Spot, and from the pictures in this forums article on it, this is definitely White Spot.I am trying to choose carefully the method of treatment to use based on the fish in the tank, which are: 3 zebra danios, one being a pregnant female, 3 male guppys , 1 male molly, 1 female swordtail,1 Cory catfish very small, 1Dwarf sucking Catfish very small, and 1 golden panchax about an inch and a ahalf in size. I would like some feedback on which method will be safest for these fish, especially the catfish as those are my husbands favorites in the tank.The tank is 70 liters almost 20 american gallons.I have a small amount of live plants in there, a. 8inch airstone, an airstone center feature and a built in filter/ aeration system.Please help if anyone can in my choice of treatment, by your advice. Thanks

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Cories and pleco's, as well as plants, are less salt tolerant than the other fish. Raise your tank temp to 87 degrees farienheit and leave it there for two weeks AFTER the last white spot is seen. Warm water holds less heat than cooler water, so its good that you have that extra airation in the tank. I've used the heat only treatment twice with no losses. All the best to you.

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My Concerns

My greatest concerns are, this is a new tank, so the bacteria levels I have been trying to get for a Healthy tank will be affected by whatever I do, several of the fish are brand new to the tank, and many of the fish are very small, with raising the temp what are the smaller fish'e chances of surviving, and also what will all of this do to my tanks bacteria levels that are only 3 weeks into creation?? Should I be doing water changes along with this heating up the water method, what about my filter pads will they be infected too?? So many questions so little time, LOL I only just found this fish today and didnt see him well before buying as he was hiding in moss, which came home with him, it was only when he left the moss I saw to my horror all the many many white spots on him, yes I broke the golden rule of quarentine, and believe me this will be the last time I do...bad fish mommy bad ! I just want to try and save as many as I can by nipping it in the bud now, as its only been one day of this fish being in our tank, and hopefully it will be my quick reaction to it that saves this new and very long awaited tank.
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The heat will not affect your smaller fish. It should not affect your bacterial cycle in any bad way. The filter pads etc will be infected but the heat will kill the ich off the same as in the tank. Just don't use anything from that tank and transfer it to another tank if you have one, this includes nets. The most important thing is to keep the heat up after the last visible spot of ich is gone as joannde mentioned.
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Thanks for your advice, it truely is appreciated.

I am greatful for your advice and now that the pet shop we use will be open , I am heading off to them to make them aware of what they sold to me, as it is a mom and pop pet store, and they are quite friendly. I really am hopeful we lose no one in all of this, but esspecially the 2 very small catfish, who are so very entertaining to watch as they are the monkey and clown of our tank so far.I am also very fond of this new beta, though he is the one we just bought which has the visible ich, I have always had a soft spot for betas and this one is quite a beauty.
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spot, tan, white spot

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