German ram with white spots on fins

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Feb 23, 2024
Hi all,

We picked up three German Rams on Monday, and with them in the quarantine tank at home, I noticed what appears to be white fuzz on the top and rear fins of one. I haven't spotted it on any of the others. I'm relatively new to this--does it appear to be a fungal or bacterial infection, or is it something else? I have PimaFix and MelaFix on hand if needed. They're in the QT tank with two juvenile bristlenose plecos from the same LFS who also seem unaffected.

Water parameters are good (0, 0, 5) in the QT tank, which has been running about 4 weeks using media from an established tank.



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2 of the spots look like Ick but the other "spots" look like the virus Lymphocystis. If the spot on the top part of the body where the tail fin grows out of ( called the caudal peduncle) and the similar spot about 1/2 way down the tail do not grow and turn fuzzy, those would be the Ich parasite which is treatable. Lymphocystis however is not treatable. It comes from the fish being in poor water conditions most likely before you ever took the fish. If you can return the fish, I would. If you cannot return the fish, I'd check the others in their tank and see if any other ones in the tank are showing the same fuzzy blobs. Usually, lymphocystis attacks the edges of fins first so concentrate on those areas of their fish.
If you have no recourse, be aware that while lymph is not usually fatal, it is contagious when other fish try to eat the fuzzies so you really do not want to put that fish in with your other fish.

Hope this helps. (y)
Thanks Andy--much appreciated. I'll keep them all in QT and watch to see if the spots that look more like Ich develop. I have some experience treating Ich (fortunately?), so I'm ready for that one at least.

Looking today, the fuzzy blobs appeared smaller, which is good. No sign of it spreading to other fish, either. I did a 50% change and will continue to monitor. Fingers crossed this doesn't spread and clears up more or less naturally with good water.

Thanks again!
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