Black Molly white spots?

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Mar 1, 2024
Can anyone identify what this is? Just noticed these white spots today. I’ve seen random spots on the two black Mollys before that have gone away within a day of me seeing a spot. I’ve never seen more than one odd looking spot and nothing like this yet. 30g tank. 2 black Molly. 3 platys. 2 cory catfish. 2 snails. Ph-7.6 ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5. Temp-72. All other fish are fine. No odd behaviors. Everyone is eating. The Mollys are new I’ve only had them 2 weeks. My tank is also recovering from a algae bloom from to much sunlight


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It looks like ich.

Problem is the corys and snails wont tolerate the normal use of ich treatment. Are you able to remove them from the aquarium while you treat the display tank?
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