For Sale or trade: 10 gallon freshwater aquarium.

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Jun 19, 2011
Illinois, United states of America
I'm selling a 10 gallon glass aquarium. I have two filter systems for this aquarium one rated at 10- 20 gallons and the second rated at 5-15. I will also include a 50 watt tetra heater and a external thermometer that reads both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Also this aquarium comes with a tetra whisper 40 aeration pump and a adapted hood with full spectrum bulbs to grow live plants. Also comes with a black background. This is a setup I put together specifically to be high functioning and to grow healthy plants. I can even help or give tips on aquascaping this aquarium. If you make me an offer for three fourths of what this tank actually costs to put together. I'll also send free plants that include both broad leaf aquatic plants and various ferns, I even have bamboo. Last but not least if you are local to me I'll even throw in six very healthy neon tetra fish. This is a high functioning all inclusive. Looking for best local offer.
How much for this? Would you be willing to sell just the hood?
madison county illinois area

This aquarium is an all or nothing deal. This setup cost me over $200 dollars to build. i spent months doing reasearch and finding parts. i would like a best local offer.
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