10g Seahorse build

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your horses do look very tiny! how big are they? (length wise) they are very cute. You should look into getting a heater cover since they can get burnt by it.
No, it won't. It might get to soft and float away. You may have been feeding your tangs to much protein, they are more herbifores than meat eater. I had the hardest time training my Kole tang. Tangs are fun but they do need lots of swimming space. Your 125 would be perfect for a couple of Tangs.
PS: keep me posted on your horses. I just love to follow a horse tank....
I just thought of something. I cut my Nori into 1"x2" pieces and then put two of them on my clip. That should get eaten fairly fast.
well the majority of her diet is dried seaweed so, for the first time she ate some pellets when i fed my clown, and she ate some mysis shrimp the other day too. But honostly i feed her nothing but sea weed at the moment. Im still trying to coax her into coming out when i feed the clown. Then ill try dropping some veggie flakes in. Until then she hides til i walk away or lay down and watch the tank.
yea tangs are some brutal eaters of sea weed. its almost scary
Actually im curious how im going to build a mock up feeding tray. I think were going to try target feeding small amounts of mysis at a time through a turkey baster during the day when there swimming around active til i figure something out. Im moving in 3 1/2 weeks and now im kinda worried about how im going to break down re-build.
Moving is very stressful on you and your animals. I wish you luck.
I notice a lot on forums that people dont take the time to research things out. Nor do they take the advice given by others, and the ones who suffer are the poor livestock. Before I got into seahorses I had to learn saltwater tanks and what it takes to keep one. Look we are not 100% successful 100% of the time.. there are pitfalls, deaths, and disasters in our endeavor to mimic the sea and all its charm. I would much rather put to good use lessons learned from others, they have been there done that. Keeping seahorses is no easy task..and not for beginners of saltwater tanks.
and not for beginners of saltwater tanks.

Not necessarily true. Provided, as you said, lots of research has been done and they are on a forum like this WILLING to learn then I see no reason why that person shouldn't attempt to keep seahores.

I think the major problem is people either:
a. Reading bogus stuff on the internet. (There's lots of incorrect stuff out there).
b. Not listening to advice of other people, especially people with experience.
c. Reading the correct information and thinking it to be incorrect because it sounds far-fetched. (Prime example - Tangs. Anyone who has a 50G and buys a 1" Tang is in disbelief when told their tank is too small).
Thats the problem ... how do newbys sort out right from wrong info...When looking at online vendors of seahorses, some of the vendors state for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.. I have never seen seahorses labeled for beginners....One can find concrete information and yes this forum is a good one I do agree with that.
Keeping seahorses is no easy task..and not for beginners of saltwater tanks.

I kind of have to agree. Seahorses are kind of hard to keep. I would never suggest to a beginner to start with seahorses. They are not the easiest to keep alive from my experience anyway.
I have to agree with melousu. They require a high amount of attention and special care to succeed. I always thought of mine as babies. You have to seahorse proof the tank, as they will fill their pouches with air, wrap themselves around heaters and do all sorts of other things that make NO sense to us, but can seriously harm or kill them. That being said, once you do all those things, mine were very hardy. A clean diet and a well filtered tank and they will do fine.

Some general questions, do you know what species? where did you get them? what kind of equipment do you have in the tank?

A lot of people think you need a huge tank for seahorses, which is untrue. What they really need is a tall tank, 3-4 times taller then their uncurled adult length. a 20 X-Tall is perfect for a pair given you can keep the tank params within limits.

Sorry for the ramble, JM.02..ish
Yes its quite common. Dwarfs will breed with practically no effort to the owner. H. Erectus have benthic fry, which means they will hitch at birth and are considered one of the easier large breeds, H. Reidi have pelagic fry, who dont hitch at birth and are considered one of the harder breeds. They are the most common in the home aquarium.
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