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Mar 15, 2024
Hello fellow fish!

My husband dropped a post here an hour ago, so here I am with our 2nd tank.
He has unleashed his creativity upon 2 10G tanks, this one being an experiment with sand and soil as substrate.

This is Ms. Pearl. Maybe one day she'll become Mother Pearl, but who knows! We do have a 40G breeder tank, so it is a possibility.
She seems to be on the nicer side and can be seen playing with the loaches among the bubbles. However, when the food drops from above - look out! She'll fan her pearly pink and purple fins!

Ms. Pearl likes to see the humans visit her and will swim closer to the tank wall to say "hewoOo."

As she turn to you all and says the same!


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Welcome. Soil tanks can be a struggle. Many people love them.

Hello to Pearl. I used to have a Pearl. Very sassy and friendly but bossed the tank. Those fish knew to make way for the boss. White pearl body with red fins.
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