120g Dovii Growout - Phase 2

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Oct 27, 2004
Well I moved my oddballs out of my 120g and moved the Dovii into it. I was growing him out in my 55 but this guy is growing like a weed. He grew from 4.5" to 6.25" in 1 month and 4 days. Thats 1.75"

In my last tank I went with the black gravel to make his colors stand out. In this tank I went for a more natural look. I've got cheap crappy Lowe's $4 bulbs on this tank so I know his coloration is better then whats showing. I plan to get some Power-Glo bulbs soon to help out.

I added him and a 4" female Dovii to the tank, and they were sharing it with a Convict Pair (4"+ Male / 2.5" Female w/ wigglers) and a couple bichirs. I had to move everyone but the female Dovii as he was beating on them badly. The Dovii would not allow the Cons to go near their wigglers

So far the two Dovii seem to get along ok. She gets chased on occasion but he's just showing his dominance. They hang out underneath the bottom driftwood, I don't think they are a pair yet, but it shouldn't take too long as she follows him around quite a bit.

The driftwood still floats so I had to pile rocks up to sink it. Anyway, tell me what you think

6.25" Male Dovii - You'll notice he runs into the tree stump




No Flash Pics



4" Female Dovii

Yea here's a pic from a couple weeks ago.. he's starting to get some decent dentures ;)

That stump will look great once the plants start growing around it!
I had to remove the live plants.. He kept uprooting them and they got stuck to the overflows and started to die. I placed them in another tank and they are starting to do better.

I guess thats the curse of CA Cichlids.. :(
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