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Mar 6, 2014
Hi all I'm new to the site figured i would show off my new aquarium it's a 150 salt aquarium . I am a beginner but have done freshwater for years . And I get my 1134 watt halide light in two days can't wait.ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1394093779.051099.jpg
ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1394175822.010688.jpg before I painted the back of my aquarium I recommend you do that first off lol . Mine was a five hour project with water in it and very heavy.
Do you plan on adding more live rock? You should have approximately 200lbs to do it right. You can also add dead base rock as well, but the rock is your main source of bio-filtration.
Ya I know I need a lot more live rock but I just spent 500 on lighting alone this month so it cut me out for the live rock lol. Not including my other supplies. But thank you for the tip :)
1134 watts total with three 250 watt metal halides and four acentic blues even tho that's not what I ordered and eight led strips.
Thank you just started almost three months ago so this is just the beginning :)
Like Carey said, you definitely need more live rock. Well if your tank is cycled it doesn't even have to be live. Cured I believe it's called. It's cheaper as well. Will save you a few hundred dollars for sure.
I'll have to look into it I've found 45 pounds of live Fiji rock for 133 $ . But that's the cheapest and I've searched everywhere lol.
Wow so checked out both sites pretty cheap my question is base rock turns to live rock? And if so how? Is it still Fiji rock?
The bacteria that is live will move over to the new rock and after a few months you wont be able to tell them apart. :)

Fiji rock is where some rock comes from, ie: fiji lol I find fiji to be kinda dense and not as porous as the base rock. Porous rock is what you want, more nooks and crannies for bacteria to build and for lil critters to call home as your tank matures.
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