180 gallon stocking ideas please.

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May 28, 2011
Virginia Beach
I just got a 180 gallon tank . It's going to be a long build but I'm still not sure fresh or salt. I would like to get ideas from everyone on stocking if I do go salt. It would be my porcupine puffer that I allready have. I want a dwarf lion for sure and for the other fish I'm thinking blue and maybe a yellow tang either one or both if they would work. I'm also thinking about a trigger but I really don't want anything that could harm the puffer so Im leaning against that . I would like an angel but I don't know if the lion would eat the dwarf or if the tank is big enough for a big angel.anyone have any fish suggestions or fish ideas for me? How many fish would be overstocked in there? Thanks
Thanks I'll have to look when I get home since that very hard to read on the iPhone . Any one else
Having both a FW and now a SW, I find the SW more satisfying.. A lot more expensive and trails, but the fish you can get are amazing!
Yea thats why I'm leaning toward saltwater. From what I can tell puffers are pretty compatible with most fish. And it looks like the big angels need a 220 so I guess that rules them out.
Let's see... I have a blonde male naso with streamers. Yellow tang. Lieutenant tang. Sailfin tang. Clown tang. Vlamingi (sp?) blue eyed kole, bristle tooth, orange shoulder, and a white cheek.
You can. It's all in how you add them as far as together or in certain order. All mine get along great
Ok cool maybe I will go with 2 tangs then. I was on live aquaria and a banded cat shark was listed as 180 gallon but it says expert. Anyone have experience with those?
Sohal tang. Most beautiful fish EVER. Not great with other tangs tho. Very aggressive.
So i just talked to a cabinet / woodworker that has a shop next to where I work and he said he would build me a stand for just the price of materials. He estimates it will cost about 100 bucks . How cool is that!!
slitherbomb said:
Don't do a coral banded cat shark unless you're going to upgrade. They get to be about 2 ft.

O I was just going by live aquarias stats. Are they not accurate?
I mean, you could, but it definitely is not recommended. I would get instead, a trigger like a Niger trigger or a Picasso trigger.
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