2.5 gallon nano reef

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Feb 11, 2005
New York State
Hey- i started a 2.5 gallon nano tank. Before I say more, I'll give out all the information on the tank and water specs:
Tank: 2.5 (12x8x10)
Light: 13 watt PC Jalli 50/50
Filter: Tetratec 150 filter
Live sand, about 2" deep
PH: 8.0
If necessary, I plan on a small powerhead, but I think the filter is giving a good, tidal flow to the tank, which I think is good... :?
All other levels, ammonia, nitrite, are too young to measure cause the tank was just set-up. I'm gonna do a cycle with fish food. I plan on buying live rock via the internet in a few days or so. I hope to keep the following in the tank: a oscellaris clown, some hermies, and a couple snails. But I have a ?...
First, is the lighting sufficient to keep a condy anemone and some shrooms in there? I know they need bright light, so is my light good nuff for it? The fixture seems to give off alot of light while the depth of the water isnt too deep, being around 6-8" or so. So given that, would I be incorrect to say that the light has too deep to reach to penetrate the sand bed?
Anyhoo, I'll post some pics soon too! Thanks!
I wouldn't put an ocellaris in a 2.5 gallon. I wouldn't put any fish in a 2.5 gallon, but if you do, something like a clown goby. Clowns needs more swimming room than a 2.5 gallon can provide, IMO.

No on the amenone too, IMO. Not enough light, not large enough of a tank. Shrooms, zoos, softies, maybe even LPS, yes.

Can't wait to see pics!
I had a saddle back in mine close to 3 years ....I kept up with the water changes . Then for some reason hubby wanted the 7gmb back up so I moved him to that ...then the dumb tank leaked and now he is in a 10..... The lighting will be enough for most corals but I would NOT add a condy chances of them hosting are little .....
Mr. Wiggles in 2.5
mr Mr Wiggles in 2.5
yes, i think an anemone might be too much for the tiny 2.5 gallon tank. but i dont think im istaken when i say that a tongue coral could be kept under that lighting right?
No you should be fine with that for a tounge coral they are low/med light corals
I hope to keep the following in the tank: a oscellaris clown, some hermies, and a couple snails.
I agree that the tank is just too small for any clown. As mentioned, your only fish option is a clown goby. I like the yellow ones. They are cool little fish that tend to perch on coral and LR as oppossed to free swimming. I have a yellow and a green one in my 2.5gal
First, is the lighting sufficient to keep a condy anemone and some shrooms in there?
this size tank is not a good choice for any anemone. With that lighting you should be able to keep sofites with no trouble.
OK. I think I'll stick with the feelings here and get a simple goby. I'm just curious though about how I can naturally raise my PH? Would a calcium substrate help it go higher?
Stability is best. Keep in mind your pH will swing between lights on/off. You can have more surface ripple, which causes O2 exchange. I;m not too sure in a tank that small, maybe a little fan blowing across the surface...?
Just use an eggcrate top and a small fan to blow across the top .... set to turn on and off with the lights ... I use to test mine mid day after the lights were on for 5 hours and then just before lights on to see where we were I very rarely saw much of a drop usually 8.4 lights on 8.2 lights off... I would just use plain old sand for the bottom ... and distilled water for the mixing and top off . HTH
Well, I have heard that one can cultivate his own live rock by buying dead base rock and putting into a tank with live rock. Now, the question is that I an get free a 2-3 pound piece of dead rock from a friend. If I put this into my tank, how much live rock should I buy to colonize it? Thanks!
Colonize it with coraline or nitrifying bacteria?
Keep in mind, "live" means having the beneficial bacteria in/on the rock, to convert amonnia to nitrItes and then into nitrAtes.
If you are talking about coraline growth, you can keep your Ca level around 380 (I believe that is the correct number) and lights and good water parameters, you can seed it with any amount of rock, depending on how fast you want it to grow, the more rock, the better (assuming the other conditions are met).
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