2 story sump?

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Dec 9, 2005
York PA
i was just curious if anyone has ever had an aquarium on the 2nd story of a house and actually ran plumbing the whole way to the basement for a sump or refugium? if so, what size return pump would be needed?
Sure I have seen this. Not on the second floor to the basement but on the first floor to the basement for sure I have seen. If you go from second floor to basement you will have something like 30-40' head. Thats going to be a very big pump and quite frankly is going to cost a fair amount. To get something to provide ample water movement at that head pressure you will need to look at the more comercial grade pumps vs the consumer/hobby pumps.
Sure it's possible but I don't see that as practical. You could always find the appropriate pump, as suggested by fishfreek, but the cost of the pump and the upper on your electric bill may make it impracticle.
Did you ever think of maybe doign the sump and main tank in different rooms on the same flor. You could pipe everyhtign thru a wall and then have two setups in different rooms and head pressure would not be a huge factor?
i wasnt really planning on doing this, but for future reference possibly a small 20 gal or nano plumbed into a main system either in the basement or 1st floor...thanks for the info though
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