20g nano reef

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Apr 2, 2011
anyone help me out what to do with my 20g high tank i want to go reef and all i have is a hob filter aquaclear 110 are they even good for saltwater ? ty for your time
For the HOB, you can cut the media rack up at the joints use them as dividers to make a small fuge. There are a lot of build threads online you can find. I would personally just keep it stock and run filter floss and chemipure elite in it.

Lighting can be a bit difficult for a high tank. Maybe look into T5HO or metal halides

What is floss? im sorry im a noob do you know anyone who ever whent reef in a 20g tank ? because i can try to make a sump or something out of the 20g high and get a 20g long or something i just want to go reef in a 20g and what would be some good equipement you or anyone would reccomend and lighting also ty all
Its completely possible to do a reef in a 20 gallon tank. I have one in a 3 gallon! filter floss is that blue and white filter stuff that comes in sheets and you usually cut into the size you need.

Poly Value Pack

No need for a sump for anything under 50 gallons. Just keep up with 10-20% water changes a week. That is all that is needed.

For lighting, maybe Current USA Nova Extreme SLR. I think you would want the 30 inch saltwater version, possibly the 36 inch (there may be some hang over the sides, but not really an issue, better coverage IMO). I've used the Nova Extreme series from the SLR to the Pro's. They make really nice T5HO fixtures.

Aquarium Lighting for Freshwater and Reef Systems: Nova Extreme Compact SLR T-5 Fixtures
But my tank is only 24 inches and i put the floss in my aquaclear 110 ? or do i keep all the stuff in my hob in it its got 3 step thing a sponge at bottom carbon in middle and white ceramic things at top thanx
that light you showed me is 48watts i have a 20g so that would be what 2.3wats per gallon or something i cant grow no coral with that lol :(
nvm i see the 24x8 is 96watts i would need 200 dollars for my nano light for a 20g about?
Thats about right. Lights are the most expensive part for a reef tank. Will cost you around $200-400 usually.
how many watts do i want for a 20g to grow a clam and anything i want lol
I have a 28 gallon and the Nova Extreme Pro 6x18watt bulbs (108watts) and it's capable of a dersa clam. So shoot about 4-6 watts per gallon.
how much was that light man is it a t-5 or a metal halide?
Didn't realize I was replying to two different threads and one was deleted. But for your last question about the filter.

It is essentially for surface agitation and filtration. I would add a Korila Nano 240 to one end of the tank for more flow.
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