210 FOWLR Build . . .

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Bschowa said:
nice, how does it look?


Its hard to tell in the photo but I think it looks good. It is from liveaquaria.com and cost about 5.60/lb with shipping. It is definately MUCH nicer than any Fiji have seen at LFS


The 100lbs of reefrocks.net rock came in and Im very happy with it as well
i think it looks great- the diferent colors are going to contrast each other nicely

I think so too - I was really happy with how much green there is in the rock. I think once the coralline spreads/grows - it should look good. Now the tough part comes tonight: aquascaping! I have 70+ lbs of RealReef (amazing purple color), 120 lbs of Fiji, 100 lbs of the reefrocks (dry) and about 20Lbs of misc volcanic rock that I may or may not use. (I also still have 25lbs of Totoka - but I won't get that until next week)
Well, I got about 1/3 of rock in (and it was VERY frustrating as Im not too creative) but I had to stop due to cloudy water. I hope to finish tomorrow
Here is a pic - the water is already clearing some

haha yea that always is the hardest part, and just when i think it is where i want it i get a better idea and switch it all around, i have found laying it out outside the tank works better to get a rough idea of what i want but i have never used live rock i dont know how long it can be outside of water

i think you have a good start. the color contrast is amazing. good choice with the blue background as well.

Thanks for the supportive comments. I just got all the live rock in! Woo-hoo!! I think Im gonna let the water clear for a couple days and decide if I want to move anything
Bschowa said:
sweet, how did you go about curing the rock or was it already cured?

The RealReef comes cured. The Fiji is "semi cured" - so, I am just putting it in the tank (since the tank is uninhabited) and curing/cycling everything together
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