29 Gallon Reef

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Nov 7, 2010
Hi everyone I just recently got an empty 29 gallon and I really want to set up another saltwater. But the thing is I really only know how to work with a already built nano cube than a plain glass aquarium. I know some of the basics but could you guys maybe make some sort of list of good types and brands of equipment I'll need. Also heres my list:

Yellow Angelfish
Springers Demoiselle
3 Blue Green Chromis
Scooter Dragonet
i wouldn't put the scooter in the 29. most of them eat just live food, that can't be purchased cheap enough to make it worth while. also, the angel may eat your corals.
to set up the 29 all you need is 30-40 pounds of live rock, and your calcium based substrate. cycle the tank, and you are done.
nutrient export can be accomplished with weekly water changes.
oh...and you'll need lighting to support whatever photosynthetic creatures you are going to keep.
of course all of the rest of the stuff on mike's link as well. i assume you knew that from the nano.
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