30g Reef after 1 week

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you said you have a green chromis...(thread starter)..when i got a chromis, the lady told me i really should get two because they like to be in groups (i did)...do any of you find this true?
i want a mandarin so bad, but theres no way i have copepods =/
I did as well but my 46g with 15g fuge not big enough. I have never even seen 1 pod in my tank.

P.S. Blindskate rather than putting a second post if you click on the edit button you can add something you forgot to add to the post that you thought of after you clicked save.

I dont know how I'd feel about having these guys actually....

Remind me of fleas or something, yuck. but eventually if it means having a mandarin i might have to bear them in the future.
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