32 Biocube Stocking

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Jun 11, 2017
SE Kansas
I've got a 32g biocube WIP nano reef. It currently has a pair of Ocellairs Clownfish, a Yellow Watchman Goby, a Purple Firefish, and three Maragrita snails. I plan on getting a Pulsing Xenia, Zoas, Duncans, GSP, and Candycanes to round out the reef part. It's my first marine tank. Is that a good stock? Would I be able to get a greater variety of fish? Or is enough? Anything that goes into it has to be captive bred, the only reason that I got the Purple Firefish is because my original idea of an Orchid Dottyback would've been too aggressive, and I asked my LFS to be sure that their suppliers of wild caught fish did so safely. I have a 20g QT, so I can quaranite any new additions.
That would about do it. If you got another fish it would have to be a small one. You reef list looks ok.
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