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Jun 11, 2017
SE Kansas
I'm thinking of upgrading my reef from my 32 Biocube to a 40b. It currently has a small True Percula, which killed the other one I got with it, five Margarita snails, a female Emerald Crab, a few Zoa frags, and a rock covered in a GSP.

I'd plan to have a Goby, if my LFS can get one in. Possibly a Purple Firefish. Along with a Pistol Shrimp, if it'd leave my Zoa frags alone! A second True Percula, if I can find one that I'm sure is smaller than the one I've already got. I'd like to have a Flame Angel, but I'm not if it'd be too much orange...

What other stocking suggestions would fit? Note that it's a simple, low maintenance reef, with a tight budget because of the time of year, the True Percula being the most expensive, and I tend to find wild caught fish against my morals, a Purple Firefish the only exception since you can't get them captive bred, and my LFS is a very good one!
What are the tank dimensions (length x width x height)?

How much rock do you have in there and how much actual water?


Try to find a baby anemonefish so it pairs off with your current one. If you get a fish that has been on its own for more than 1 week, it will be female. If you get the biggest fish in a group it will be female. This will cause problems because your current fish is female.

Fire gobies (Nemateleotris species) do best in groups or 4 or more. Make sure they are eating well before buying them because some don't eat and die.
I’d love to see a few photos of that tank when it’s setup! I am awed by the colors at our local SW shop. I’ve seen fantastic Percola there, if by that you mean what’s commonly called a Clown fish.
It's a 40g breeder. The current tank is a 32g Biocube. I've got over 30lbs of base rock in it, but the tank's been setup for at least two years, and I'll have to get more when I upgrade it to a 40b.

My True Percula is still pretty small, and I know she's either female already, or headed that way. The other's been gone a while.
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